1. Introduction
  2. Features
  3. Building
  4. Configuraton
  5. Bugs
  6. Fun facts
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dawnhttpd (Dawn HTTP deamon), derived from darkhttpd, is a simple web server written in portable ANSI C. It supports static pages, and MIME type based handlers. It can drop privileges before accepting connections; and, it can log received requests. It can log POST request data in a guestbook. It can, easily, be used in conjunction with Lighttpd as proxy. It supports basic throttling and basic http authentication. It compiles and runs on 32 and 64 bits computers.



Enable ipv6 by including -DENABLE_IPV6 in the Makefile CFLAGS.
Enable slocate by including -DENABLE_SLOCATE in the Makefile CFLAGS.
Enable guestbook by including -DENABLE_GUESTBOOK in the Makefile CFLAGS.
Enable pidfile by including -DENABLE_PIDFILE in the Makefile CFLAGS.
Enable password by including -DENABLE_PASSWORD in the Makefile CFLAGS.

Install dawnhttpd by running the following commands, as root:
make && make install

Copy settings.ini to /etc/dawnhttpd/


INI-style configuration was added for settings, passwords, and mimetypes.
Passwords must be in the format of the password entry in /etc/shadow (crypt).
Invoke the command dawnhttpd –help for help information.
See README.cmd.txt for additional command information.
Guestbook entry keys should be encased by ‘<%’ and ‘%>’.


Strange bug in the tuple_cmp function.
Debug to see if it occurs on your computer, where the const parameter o2 gets reset to NULL.
Bug reports, patches and suggestions are much appreciated.
See GitHub account


On an AMD Athlon64 X2 (Mem 1G) running Linux 3.10.104-amd64, we get
weighttp -n 100000 -c 375 -k -H ‘User-Agent: Weighttp’ 0
weighttp - a lightweight and simple webserver benchmarking tool
starting benchmark…
spawning thread #1: 375 concurrent requests, 100000 total requests
progress: 10% done

progress: 100% done
finished in 10 sec, 919 millisec and 115 microsec, 9158 req/s, 79580 kbyte/s
requests: 100000 total, 100000 started, 100000 done, 100000 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 errored
status codes: 100000 2xx, 0 3xx, 0 4xx, 0 5xx
traffic: 889800000 bytes total, 22000000 bytes http, 867800000 bytes data


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